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About the Research

«theRunet 2019» is the short version of the latest «The Russian Internet Economy» research conducted annually since 2011 by RAEC.

The main task of the research is to assess the current state and identify trends in the development of Russian Internet markets.

In 2017 the Analytical Department of the Association has developed its own approach to the description / measurement of the volume of the Ecosystem of the Digital Economy:

We define the Ecosystem of Russia's Digital Economy as the set of those segments of the market where value added is created using digital technologies.

We propose to consider the Ecosystem through decomposition into 7 HUBS (Russian Internet auditory, Marketing and advertising, Finance and trade, Digital content, Infrastructure, Law in IT, Startup and investments).

Research Summary

Only a quarter of a century ago the Internet in Russia was a small number of scattered sites and services. Today the Runet is a full-fledged ecosystem with its platforms, services, key players and audience that makes up more than 95.9 million people or 78 % of the country’s population.

Today we can speak about the emergence of a unique Russian Internet economy, the rise of national IT leaders, and a noticeable position in the international markets. We have a powerful industry and an excellent basis for creating a digital economy.


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