The RAEC Committees represent a system of permanent expert, analytical and practical subdivisions joining the Association's members together as to their respective industries.

The decision to establish RAEC Committees has been taken further to the Association's plans for the development of relationship with the public authorities.

The following Committees are operating at the present time:

  • Committee on Legal Affairs
  • Cybercrime Committee

The Committees to be established:

  • RAEC Hosting Providers Committee


  1. Formation of functional, long-term dialogue and shaping a consolidated position of companies representing a specific industry segment;
  2. Elaboration of consolidated proposals as to the development and enhancement of competitive ability of an industry segment and the consideration of measures for the solutions of its key issues;
  3. Representation and promotion of industry position and interests with the public authorities, making contribution to the development of civilized mechanisms of cooperation with the public authorities;
  4. Participation in the elaboration of lawmaking initiatives.


  1. The participation in the Committee is voluntary;
  2. The Committee is open for all companies representing a specific industry segment that may be interested in its activity;
  3. Observation of all Committee members' balance of interests;
  4. Prevention from a damage to RAEC members' image and goodwill;
  5. Provision of equal opportunities and access to all members of RAEC in respect of elaboration, decision-making and approval of a common position representing the interests of the industry segment.


  1. Only RAEC members are eligible to participate in the Committees;
  2. The Committee may comprise not more than one representative of each RAEC member, who shall have 1 vote accordingly;
  3. The RAEC members that are the members of the Committee shall not block an admission of a representative of a new RAEC member to the Committee;
  4. The following entities and persons may participate in the Committee sessions without right to vote: the RAEC members other than the members of the Committee, other companies, the observers, the experts as well as the representatives of the public authorities and NGOs concerned, the representatives of mass media.


  1. The general management of the Committee shall be exercised by the Chairperson of that Committee;
  2. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be appointed by the Director of RAEC for a period of 1 year and that Chairperson may thereafter be re-elected by the Committee members' majority of votes;
  3. The Chairperson shall be a person making considerable and comprehensive contribution to the operation of the Committee and interested, to the greatest extent possible, in the development of the Committee's industry segment as well as that person must enjoy the immense authority within the community of RAEC members.


  1. The Committees shall hold sessions not less than 3 times a year. The extraordinary sessions may be held in the following cases:
    • while it is necessary to discuss the most acute problems of an industry segment provided that not less than 1/3 of the Committee members' applications have been submitted;
    • if the Chairperson of the Committee or the RAEC Director so requests;
  2. The conferences, consultations, panel discussions or workshops may be held for the purposes of determination of the actual standing and the introduction of a common position as to the issues that are reserved to the Committees;
  3. The Chairperson of the Committee may establish the task forces comprising the members of that Committee, other members of RAEC, the representatives of public authorities or other NGOs or commercial entities for the purposes relating to certain matters or issues;
  4. The decisions taken by the Committee shall be adopted by the majority of votes of its members and the respective protocol shall be completed thereafter;
  5. The inquiries, appeals, letters or other communication made on behalf of RAEC Committees shall only be prepared further to the approval by the members of the Committee and signed by the Chairperson of the Committee and the Director of RAEC;
  6. Only the members of the Committee shall have right to vote;
  7. The principle of voting represents the rule: a particular company has one vote;
  8. The participants of the Committee shall determine the agenda of their common activity, share their expert opinions, ideas or solutions as to the key issues of development of a particular industry segment, they shall work out and implement the mechanisms for the practical achievement of the goals that had been set up;
  9. The research projects determining the best examples and practices and evaluating the strategies for the development of a specific industry segment may be carried out as provided by the Committee's objectives;
  10. Each Committee shall work out and promote the common position of its members along with recommendations and practical solutions relating to the issues for which that Committee is responsible;
  11. The results of the Committee activity shall be made available to mass media, public authorities, expert institutions in Russia and abroad, and amongst the RAEC members.